"A Multi-tiered Entrepreneurial Group"



IKAR Holdings is a distinguished ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world that spans across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our mission revolves around the commitment to empower growing business and emerging leaders globally.
IKAR Holdings is a multi-tiered group headquartered in London, encompassing more than 40 companies – spanning across diverse sectors and geographical regions. Its structure is reinforced by a network of external global partnerships and steered by a leadership team composed of accomplished business executives with established track records of success, united with the insights and expertise of senior figures from the political and public sectors.
IKAR HOLDINGS is majority owned by entrepreneurial partners and serves as the central mother-ship structure that oversees the entire ecosystem of IKAR companies – spearheading the alignment, advancement, and expansion strategies across a diverse range of enterprises, investments, services, innovations, and supportive initiatives.
The operational execution of the group is structured into four vertical Holdings, which cover all activities from matured industries to impact technology driven sectors to the startup world.Each Holding and related sector / portfolio companies are managed by experienced, best-in class CEOs who all have equity ownership in the companies they are leading.The ingenuity of our innovative structure lies in the fact that we have created entrepreneurship within an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


IKAR Industries is the operational holding of the group and focused on the various matured IKAR partially or wholly owned companies.IKAR Industries is utilizing its decades of entrepreneurial experiences, industry know-how and its global network on the management level and is doing either direct investments or in co-operation with co-investors. 


Adelfi Ventures Ltd. UK is a subsidiary of IKAR Holdings, established in London. This unique service provider to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs  combines valuable advantages from the cumulative founder experiences and business know-how of IKAR’s ecosystem, with the significant benefits form their global business networks, operational competences and investor’s outreach


IKAR Global is an impact holding center for the IKAR family, specifically devoted to media, technology, education and human resources. 
IKAR Global  is an international investment hub and global platform for impact driven companies that are looking for strategic global partnerships


IKAR Arabia Investment Group, London, was established to execute entrepreneurial activities in Saudi Arabia due to the impressive developments and launched mega projects in the country.
Based on the excellent local network and a strong leadership in place, the group is providing a range of services to international investors as well as acting as co-investors with prominent western partners into sophisticated projects in the country.
Mario Diel ​
Group Chairman and CEO
Dr. Joseph Muscat
Deputy Group Chairman
Chief Strategy Officer
Dr. Ornela Cuci
Deputy Group Chairwoman
Chief Business Development Officer
Sertan Aycicek
Group President
Group Chairman and CEO
Burak Ucoz
Burak Ucoz
Vice President
Group Chairman and CEO
Edward Oakden
Group Chief Operating Officer
Group Chairman and CEO
Gino Cüneyt Solak
Gino Cüneyt Solak
Group Chief Investment Officer
Semih Aycicek
Group Chief Financial Officer
Prof. Hassan Diab
Group Chief Education Officer
Group Chairman and CEO
Kerem Etkin
Group Chief Investor Relations Officer
Orkun Ibak
Group Chief Technology Officer
Maide Tekin
Group Chief Legal Counsel
Laila Nasr
Group Chief of Staff
Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor
CEO, IKONIC Healthcare
Group Chairman and CEO
Serhat Akpınar
Serhat Akpınar
Board of Directors
Prof. Lilac A. AL-Safadi
Prof. Lilac A. AL-Safadi
President IKONIC Education Global
Oğuz Yirmibeş
Oğuz Yirmibeş
Group Chief Compliance Officer