British Entrepreneur Gino Cüneyt Solak, joined IKAR Holdings as Chief Investment Officer

British Entrepreneur Gino Cüneyt Solak, joined IKAR Holdings as Chief Investment Officer

Mar 21 2024

IKAR Holdings, a London-based, multi-tiered entrepreneurial group of companies, announced today that successful British entrepreneur, Gino Cüneyt Solak, has joined their group.

The Holding appointed Mr. Solak as Chief Investment Officer of the entire group. In addition he was appointed as President of IKAR Arabia Investment Group, London, which is one of the vertical Holdings of the group, focusing on business activities especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Solak, who resides in London and Riyadh, is looking back to an impressive career, both as executive as well as entrepreneur.

He was the global CEO of a publicly listed F&B group, and was leading in his latest endeavor one of the biggest Saudi Hospitality groups as it’s CEO.

Beside that he was building and growing multiple companies, which were all successfully exited.

Mr. Solak is a highly acknowledged businessman and executive especially in Saudi Arabia, where he entertains a first class network across the business and governmental ecosystem.

“I am honored by the invitation of the Chairman of IKAR Holdings to join the group in two very very important leadership positions. The group’s entrepreneurial setup, the diversified business approach and its bilateral focus with Saudi Arabia is fascinating me. It will be my pleasure to deploy my knowledge and experience in the region to the benefit of the entire group and supporting them to achieve its outstanding goals”, stated Gino Cüneyt Solak.

Mario Diel, the founding Chairman and CEO of IKAR Holdings, added: “I am extremely happy to welcome Mr. Solak to our group. He has an impressive track record, both as executive and entrepreneur. His extraordinary network and his approach in creating wealth for a company has my deepest respect. In his role as Chief Investment Officer, he will help us to establish new partnership with distinguished groups and with his leadership as President at IKAR Arabia, he will develop and execute outstanding projects and investments in Saudi Arabia”.

IKAR Holdings is a multi-tiered group headquartered in London, encompassing more than 40 companies – spanning across diverse sectors and geographical regions. Its structure is reinforced by a network of external global partnerships and steered by a leadership team composed of accomplished business executives with established track records of success, united with the insights and expertise of senior figures from the political and public sectors.

British Entrepreneur Gino Cüneyt Solak, joined IKAR Holdings as Chief Investment Officer

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