British IKAR Holdings, Saudi CEG and Emirati The Diamond Consulting, signed a strategic collaboration agreement

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, January 12, 2023 / — Consulting Engineering Group (CEG), which is a privately owned group headquartered in Riyadh, is a leading engineering and architectural group in Saudi Arabia and the region. Founded nearly 60 years ago, the group is today involved in most of the prominent projects in Saudi Arabia (from NEOM to many other multi-billion projects).

The Diamond Consultancy, based in Dubai, provides high value added consultancy services to its clients especially in the Middle East and Asia.

IKAR Holdings is a London-based global ecosystem consisting of a multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment house focused on investments, M&A, Joint-Ventures, and the creation of new entities and assets across different sector groups.

IKAR Holdings is considered the “World’s first HUMICORN™” as evidenced by the group’s interest in the development of both human and financial capital.

The parties have agreed to collaborate and mutually co-invest in order to provide elite consultancy and expert project management services in the fields of construction, EPC, Oil & Gas, Power and Energy, Health Sector, IT Sector, Tourism, Turnkey projects and others with a focus on Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.

“Today we laid the ground for a very successful collaboration for all parties involved. In particular, Saudi Arabia is developing mega-projects, which have global recognition. One of our first priorities will be to attract Turkish contractors to participate in outstanding construction projects in Saudi Arabia. Given that Turkish contractors are globally recognized for their professional performance, we believe that such companies will make a significant contribution to the successful completion of the Saudi projects. I want to thank the leadership of CEG and The Diamond Consulting in appointing us as their global partner”, stated Sertan Aycicek, Vice President, IKAR Holdings, London.

Osama Al Ali, President of CEG added: “As one of the first engineering and architectural groups in Saudi Arabia, we witnessed the enormous growth of our country within the last decades and in particular within the last years. Our country has established a major vision followed by impressive projects across all industries. We are inviting international corporations to join us, and being part of our success story. We are very pleased to join forces with IKAR Holdings which will support us to bridge our region with the western world and open doors to professional contractors and investors as well”.

“Our region is currently one of the most developing parts of the world with significant investments in infrastructure, technology, energy, hospitality and many others. We are dedicated to support these developments, bringing together the best in class, attracting co-investors and any other corporates and entrepreneurs who recognized the major business opportunities in our region. The collaboration agreement between CEG, IKAR and Diamond Consulting, is maybe the first of its art as it has the sole focus on bridging our region with the western part of the world. We are honored being part of such a valuable collaboration between distinguished partners”, said Nabeeha Hussain, Managing Director, The Diamond Consulting.

Lauren Ungeldi – CEO
IKAR Global Limited, London

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