British IKAR Holdings took equity shares at Turkish NISHPLAS Group and agreed on a global partnership

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 7, 2023/ — Both parties agreed that the transaction is based on a 35 Million Euro company valuation.

The news was announced today in the Turkish and international press by IKAR Holdings, London and NISHPLAS Group, Istanbul.

NISHPLAS is a game changer in the interior production market as it created a patent based silk plaster technology, which is completely organic! The revolutionary product will be used for any wall decoration at private households, office buildings, restaurants, hotels and many more. While the group reached already to fame in the Turkish market, NISHPLAS will make its global launch on April 29th 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany and after bring their product to global markets as well.

IKAR Holdings, which is taking its equity shares in NISHPLAS Turkey through its operational Holding, Adelfi Ventures, will also establish a mutual Joint Venture with NISHPLAS in London, which will be called “AV NISHPLAS Interior Limited”.

IKAR Holdings is a multi-tiered entrepreneurial group, which has a vertical approach. The group is structured into three Operational Holdings, which cover activities across a wide variety of industries:

IKAR Industries is focused on matured industries such as energy, sports, real assets, cyber security, aviation, defense, services, and construction. IKAR Global is focused on impact activities ranging from media, to technology, to finance and education and is currently in the process of establishing its own University. The third holding, Adelfi Ventures, is focused on startup and established companies and has already a portfolio of more than ten companies covering health tech, manufacturing, trading, telecommunication and others.

The Chairman and Founder of NISHPLAS, Zeydin Bozkurt, commented: “I am truly honored having IKAR as our new partner and furthermore expanding together our products on global scale. We believe that our products will change the industry standards as we also give great importance on environment friendly solutions with our products. I am very happy that IKAR shares the same values, and with its international experience, extraordinary global network and the vertical strength of their overall group, we are aiming to become a market leader in our industry”.

“I am very excited about the new partnership with NISHPLAS. It once more showed us the enormous potential we see in the Turkish companies. There is a new, young generation, which is smart, creative and intelligent and capable to create new products, which will reach out to global markets. As a London based group of companies, we are very much focusing on these new generation of entrepreneurs and helping them to have access to international markets. We are not just investors, we are much more entrepreneurs, who actively support our partners on the daily operations, marketing and strategies. NISHPLAS is a great company and has in Mr. Bozkurt a visionary founder. I am looking forward to work together with him and his entire team”, said Semih Aycicek, Group CFO of IKAR Holdings, London and CEO of Adelfi Ventures.

“The vision and operational performance of our group is quite unique in the international business world, due to our vertical and very diversified operational set up. Our biggest strength is the human capital which we unite in our holdings, as the experience, knowledge, network and multiple cultural and international background of the executive management and partners are incredible assets, which we bring to any company we partner with. I am very delighted to have NISHPLAS with us and looking forward to our new partnership”, stated Sertan Aycicek, Group President of IKAR Holdings, London.

Aaruni Kumar – Chief Operating Officer
IKAR Holdings Limited, London

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