IKAR Holdings appointed 4 distinguished names to its global advisory board

Mar 03 2024

Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez
Dr. Luis Suárez Hernández
Sheikh M. Ahmed EL Haiba
Prof. Milan Krajnc

Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez is a lawyer and journalist. He is a professor, contributor and advisor at different universities, particularly at the IVY League. He serves in diplomacy as advisor to United Nations higher officials and as a member of the diplomatic staff of several governments. He has received high honours from lots of countries.

Sheikh M Ahmed El Haiba is the Chairman of Investment Gate, he also chairs the Mauritius Blockchain Foundation. He supports many humanitarian causes such as better and increased quality of education in developing countries. He also advocates for many programs like access to water and electricity for underserved communities in rural Africa. He is a member of many financial firms specialized in Banking, Energy, and scientific researches dedicated to investing in social impact programs ranging from government to private enterprises.

Prof. Milan Krajnc is an academic and university professor in the field of management. He has been running a private practice in the field of psychotherapy for 15 years. He has been solving crisis situations in companies and family businesses for 20 years. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics for scientific science Dynamilogy, which unlocked the secrets of nature and from this created a new business model (Dynamic Leadership Model) that stimulates the natural needs of people.

Dr. Luis Suárez Hernández is a businessman, philanthropist and cultural ambassador. He is the President of International Museum Federation LLC., President of Suro Global Corp., President of La Diaspora Magazine and Curator of Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History Inc. He is Executive Director and International Relations of the Chamber of Commerce of Medley, Florida and Director of public relations at the National College of Journalists and Liaison Officer of the Cuban Academy of History. He received more than 50 keys of the cities and is a cultural ambassador of several Latin American countries.

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