IKONIC Electric Bicycle will be introduced in Western Balkan Countries soon

London, Sep 15 2023

Dr. Ornela Cuci Vice President IKAR Holdings
The New Face of Green Smart City Technologies next-generation E-Bike models aim to offer users an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and fast transportation option. Next-generation electric bicycles, thanks to advanced motor technologies, not only assist in pedaling power but also come with various riding modes that provide flexibility to users. This allows users to adjust the power level and speed according to their needs, ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

Dr. Ornelia Cuci said, ‘With this new e-bikes, we aim to enable people to carry out their daily commutes in an environmentally friendly way. Electric bicycles offer a fantastic option to reduce traffic congestion, minimize air pollution, and promote a healthy lifestyle.’

IKONIC E-Bikes stand out with their stylish designs and powerful battery lifespans. Developed to easily cover long distances and maintain a balance between charging times, this battery technology providing users with a reliable transportation option.”

These new generation models aim to offer users an environmentally friendly, economical and fast transportation option. The new generation electric bikes not only support pedaling power, but also have different riding modes that provide flexibility to users thanks to advanced motor technologies. In this way, users will be able to have a comfortable driving experience by adjusting the power level and speed according to their needs.

IKONIC MOBILITY has developed a mobile application specifically for electric bicycle users in the smart city technologies. This application can be downloaded from the iOS and Android stores, allowing users to easily locate the nearest charging and parking stations.
The smart parking station first determines whether IKONIC Bicycles belong to the system. Once the security lock is activated, the battery data on the bike is analyzed. If the bike’s battery needs to be charged, the charging unit starts charging; otherwise charging voltage is not provided.

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Dr. Ornela Cuci Vice President IKAR Holdings


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