MUREL Energy Group, is joining British IKAR Energy Group as equity partner

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 31, 2023/ — The news was announced today through a international press release by IKAR Holdings, London and MUREL Energy Group, Istanbul.

Murat Yavuz, the Founder and Chairman of MUREL Energy Group, is a pioneer is the Turkish energy market. While serving at his family holding he was the CEO of their energy division and successfully constructed one of the biggest coal fired power plants (1.200 MW) in Türkiye. It was the first project, which was financed by Chinese institutions. A few years ago he launched his own group of companies “MUREL Group” which became a successful EPC contracting company in the surrounding region. Over the years he added successfully several more companies to the group. These companies are acting today as investors especially in the renewable energy sector, which lead to a substantial portfolio with a focus on solar energy.

As MUREL Energy will take a significant equity share in IKAR Energy Group, the new partners agreed to appoint Murat Yavuz as the new Chairman of IKAR Energy Group Limited, London.

IKAR Energy Group which is focused on entrepreneurial activities within the energy industry is intending to create a diversified portfolio of activities which will cover advisory, investments and co-investments into physical assets, as well as distribution, generation, trading and EPC contracting.

IKAR Holdings is a multi-tiered entrepreneurial group, which has a vertical approach. The group is structured into Three Operational Holdings, which cover activities across a wide variety of industries:

IKAR Industries is focused on matured industries such as energy, sports, real assets, cyber security, aviation, defense, services, and construction. IKAR Global is focused on impact activities ranging from media, to technology, to finance and education and is currently in the process of establishing its own University. The third holding, Adelfi Ventures, is focused on startup and established companies and has already a portfolio of more than ten companies covering health tech, manufacturing, trading, telecommunication and others.

The Chairman and Founder of MUREL Enerji, Murat Yavuz, commented: “I am very excited about the new partnership with IKAR Energy. Together it will enable us to complement our strong position as a successful regional player in combination with the extraordinary network of IKAR, its international experience and the vertical strength of the overall group. Within the new partnership we will expand our mutual activities geographically into the European market but also significantly in the GCC region, Africa and central Asia”.

“I am very honored to have Mr. Yavuz and his group on board. I admire what he had achieved during his successful career as entrepreneur. His knowledge and experience are extraordinary. He is a visionary businessman and much more important known as a trustful and professional partner. With him on board IKAR Energy Group will grow much faster and sustainable. That said I am thrilled that we could agree with MUREL Energy Group and Murat on our new partnership and that he accepted to take the position as the new Chairman”, said Mario Diel, Group Chairman and CEO of IKAR Holdings, London.

“The diversification of our group and focusing at the same time on a vertical approach, makes us unique in the international business world. The energy industry is of great importance to us as we see huge potentials in various fields. Combined with the complementary strength of our groups sector companies, we are sure to establish IKAR Energy as a successful company within the upcoming months and years. I am very proud to have Mr. Yavuz on board, as a partner, as well as our new Chairman of IKAR Energy Group”, stated Sertan Aycicek, Group President of IKAR Holdings, London.

Aaruni Kumar – Chief Operating Officer
IKAR Holdings Limited, London


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