Sertan Ayçiçek nominated double global awards.

London, Oct 17 2023

Sertan Ayçiçek Nominated for Business Diplomacy Awards and Middle East CEO of the Year MEA 2023

Renowned business leader and Group President of IKAR Holdings, Diplomat Sertan Ayçiçek, has been nominated for two prestigious global awards, further solidifying his position as a leading figure in the business world.

Sertan Ayçiçek had previously been selected and awarded as “CEO of the Year” four (4) times.

The Business Diplomacy Awards a globally recognized accolade, celebrate individuals who have made significant contributions to fostering international business relations, diplomacy, and economic growth. Sertan Ayçiçek’s nomination for this award underscores his dedication to building strong business relationships across borders and promoting global economic cooperation.

In addition to the Business Diplomacy Awards, Sertan Ayçiçek has also been nominated for the prestigious Middle East CEO of the Year award. Sertan Ayçiçek’s nomination in this category recognizes his outstanding achievements and influence as a Leader within the Middle East business landscape.

IKAR Holdings is a multi-layered group company with more than 40 companies, based in London, operating in 14 different sectors, especially energy, aviation, construction and education.

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