British IKAR Holdings and Turkish MILRES Enerji, agreed to establish a mutual company in London

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 29, 2023/ — The news was announced during a mutual press conference in Istanbul. In the presence of the executive boards of both groups, the Chairman of IKAR Holdings, Mario Diel, and the Chairman of Milres, Ahmet Cem Yalcin, signed the mutual shareholder agreement.

MilRes Enerji, which looking back to more than two decades of successful operation, is one of the leading manufactures of wind turbines and further unique, world-class wind energy systems in Türkiye and the region. The manufactured turbines and related technology enables MilRes to offer its customers technical products ranging from 4kw to 4000kw in electricity generation capacity. With its “Made in Türkiye” technology and the outstanding success story executed within the last years, the company has received numerous awards. Milres has successfully implemented a significant amount of projects in Türkiye and even the United States.

IKAR Holdings is a multi-tiered entrepreneurial group, which has a vertical approach. The group is structured into Three Operational Holdings, which cover activities across a wide variety of industries:

IKAR Industries is focused on matured industries such as energy, sports, real assets, cyber security, aviation, defense, services, and construction. IKAR Global is focused on impact activities ranging from media, to technology, to finance to education and is currently in the process of establishing its own University. The third holding, Adelfi Ventures, is focused on startup and established companies, which cover current products and services as well as innovative ventures of the future.

IKAR and MilRes agreed to establish “AV Milres Energy Limited”, London with the mutual aim to develop the company as one of the leading wind-, and renewable energy producing companies on a global scale.

The Chairman and Founder of MilRes, Ahmet Cem Yalcin, commented after the signature ceremony: “We are excited about joining forces with IKAR. The new partnership will enable us to grow from a regional player to a global player, due to the extraordinary network of IKAR, its international experience and the complementary strength of the overall group. IKAR is historically very strongly positioned in the European market but also significantly active in the GCC region and Africa, which will be one of our focused markets in the upcoming months and years”.

“In the last few weeks we had enjoyed a very pleasant and professional negotiation process with the Chairman and his colleagues of the board of MilRes. I am thrilled that we could agree with MilRes on a new partnership. Given the overall activities of our group and in particular in the field of energy we are delighted to have such a strong and experienced partner on board”, said Mario Diel, Group Chairman and CEO of IKAR Holdings, London.

“The vision and operational performance of our group is quite unique in the international business world, due to our vertical and very diversified operational set up. Our biggest strength is the human capital which we unite in our holdings, as the experience, knowledge, network and multiple cultural and international background of the executive management and partners are incredible assets, which we bring to any company we partner with. MilRes is reflecting this on multiple levels with the decades of experiences, their intellectual skill sets and last but not least their mindset of how to approach business in todays world. I am very delighted to have such a distinguished group with us and looking forward to develop our new partnership to a long term successful mutual journey”, stated Sertan Aycicek, Group President of IKAR Holdings, London.

Aaruni Kumar – Chief Operating Officer
IKAR Holdings Limited, London

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