Jan 08 2024

In the financial world, companies who have reached a specific valuation amount are classified with a unique wording. Usually start up companies who reached a valuation of over one billion dollars are called ‘unicorns,’ those with over ten billion dollars are ‘decacorns,’ and those with a valuation of one hundred billion dollars are ‘hectocorns.’

But there is British Holding which aims to be a game changer as it approached the financial world with a totally different model: the HUMICORN!

Let’s focus first on the entry-level of Unicorn companies in this sequence.

The $1 billion global valuation of Unicorn companies, which is every entrepreneur’s dream, is calculated specifically based on the company’s projections and future business growth diverging from traditional financial valuations. In most of the cases the business model of Unicorn companies is based on new technologies and its founders who are mostly young entrepreneurs. However, the valuation, tied to the future success of a business model and the lack of experience and knowledge of the founders, can lead to disappointments for the investors.

That’s where the founders of the British Holding entered the business world and created a contrary model to the Unicorn.

The British company, IKAR Holdings, was established with the aim to pioneer the next generation of world-changing impact companies. And instead of focusing only on new technologies the company wanted to highlight the most important asset each company should have: the human capital! Which lead them to call their company the World’s first HUMICORN in business.

But it is not just the name they created. Their vision is that much more Humicorns will follow and therefore they defined the most important business pillars which are required to become a Humicorn:

The HUMICORN is a start-up company with a certain minimum valuation that uses its business and wealth creation not as the endgame but as the fuel for the real mission of elevating our global society across all continents, geographies, ideologies, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

HUMICORNS must only build on a forged, tested, and mature entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrate the courage to break norms to undertake this global mission.

HUMICORNS have to engage, harness, and transfer the most impactful and influential global leaders, who represent the core facets of society and share a common passion and need to elevate the human condition, into their mission.

HUMICORNS require a matrix and structure that reflects the most important industries of both today and the future and lays a mechanism to create the tremendous wealth and prosperity required to become a world game-changer.

HUMICORNS must use the most sophisticated, proven, and tested financial, leadership, and business tools to drive success. They must use these tools creatively and in a novel way with the courage to not be restricted by their known limitations, biases, and preconceptions.

The HUMICORN must defend its mission and be disciplined in how it chooses its financial partners. This is crucial because its financial partners must share the desire to balance economic returns with social impact, and to embolden the mission−not disrupt it.

A HUMICORN’S enterprise wealth creation must align directly and responsibly with the purpose of global impact and ESG on the scale of changing the world at the same or greater level than the business.

Under the leadership of its visionary founder, serial entrepreneur Mario Diel, and his partner, Diplomat Sertan Ayçiçek, they established a unique leadership board which consists of successful entrepreneurs, c-suit executives and former government leaders and united a team of more than 25 different nationalities.

The British company may be the only business group in the world who has prominent former government leaders such as Joseph Muscat, the former Prime Minister of Malta; Hassan Diab, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon; Ornela Cuci, the former Vice Minister of Tourism of Albania; Edward Oakden, the former UK Ambassador to the UAE, Jordan, and Tunisia; alongside other distinguished executives, as partners and in the leadership team on board.

The extraordinary leadership, the establishment of a unique and diversified group structure and the creation of international partnerships, propelled IKAR Holdings to become one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Today IKAR Holdings is a multifaceted group company based in London, comprising over 40 entities operating across 14 diverse sectors, including energy, aviation, construction, tourism, technology, education, healthcare and others.

Decades of experience, outstanding knowledge, a unique leadership team, a diversified portfolio of sectors and the passion for impact are reflecting the DNA of a HUMICORN!

Now the choice lies in aspiring to be a more technology driven and on future growth relying Unicorn or embracing the transformative potential of becoming a Humicorn.

What path resonates with your vision? To become a Unicorn or HUMICORN ?


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