British IKAR Holdings entertains investment offers after a year of unprecedented growth

IKAR Holdings Limited, the “World’s First HUMICORN™ in business,” has become one of the fastest growing groups in Europe, according to a recently published release by Mergermarket.

London, UK – April 15, 2023

IKAR Holdings Limited, the “World’s First HUMICORN™ in business,” has become one of the fastest growing groups in Europe, according to a recently published release by Mergermarket. 

This unprecedented growth has been steadily climbing over the past year as the group has formed powerful alliances and created new strategic collaborations, and it continues to form partnerships in both new business ventures as well as matured industries.

Sertan Aycicek, Group President of IKAR Holdings, released the following statement on the subject: “IKAR is a distinguished ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators, and partners from around the world. Our mission revolves around a commitment to empower growing businesses and emerging leaders globally. IKAR Holdings is the mother-ship structure that manages the whole IKAR group of companies and leads the coordination, development, and growth strategies of the various enterprises, investments, services, and innovations. The operational execution of the group is structured into three vertical holdings, which cover all activities from matured industries (through IKAR Industries), to impact-driven sectors (IKAR Global), to the startup world (Adelfi Ventures). The group already has a portfolio of 30+ companies. Our innovative, entrepreneur-focused structure has proven itself to be capable of maintaining exponential growth, made evident in the remarkable expansion over the course of the past two years.” 

IKAR Holdings, which is a London-based, multi-tiered entrepreneurial group, was founded with the aim of creating a modern vehicle of global entrepreneurial activities. The partners bring a strong global background, reflecting German, Turkish, British, Indian, Egyptian, French, and American members on the board of each group, upholding a strong belief that successful and open-minded entrepreneurs are the leaders of a better world. Their mission through IKAR is to accelerate wealth creation and prosperity in balance by driving sustainable economic opportunities, significant positive impact, democratized prosperity, and innovation into the future. 

“Established at the peak of a global pandemic, our group has achieved significant success within the last two years. The vision and operational performance of our group is quite unique in the international business world due to our vertical and very diversified operational setup. The biggest strength is the human capital, which we unite in our holdings—IKAR the world’s first HUMICORN™ in the business world. The experience, knowledge, network, and multicultural and international background of our executive management and partners are incredible assets, which we bring to any investment and/or company we partner with,” stated Mario Diel, Founder and Group Chairman and CEO, IKAR Holdings.

The group hosts multiple sectors ranging from energy, sports, technology, cyber security, real estate, hospitality, textile, education, construction, aviation, defense, health, and others. Each of the operational companies have strong individual partners and best-in-class executive management. 

Lauren Ungeldi, the CEO of IKAR Global, added: “A few of our most noteworthy investments and partnerships have resulted in the creation of our own aviation company, which is selling IKAR branded Helicopters. We established a strong construction group, which is focusing on mega construction projects in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. Together with a strong strategic partner, we are currently in the establishment phase of the world’s first real-life university (IKONIC University). Our achievements include global partnerships with a wind turbine manufacturer; a health tech company with revolutionary products; the installment of a human resources company, which is solely focused on the young generation; the formation of a new hotel brand; and the creation of an outstanding sports portfolio. The group also launched a new fashion label, provides international cyber security services, and joined forces with a strong facility management company.”

The group is focused geographically on Europe, Asia, Africa, GCC, and emerging countries. 

“Since our exponential growth within the last several months, IKAR Holdings has only recently opened itself to strategic investor partner(s) in order to achieve the next level of expansion and is currently in discussions with several major investors on a group valuation of 250 million euro,” stated Semih Aycicek, Group CFO, IKAR Holdings, London.


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