London based Berkeley Wealth Group is joining IKAR Holdings as equity partner

Berkeley Wealth Group, a wealth management group, based in London, is joining IKAR Holdings, a multi-tiered entrepreneurial group of companies, as equity partner with immediate effect.

London, England, United Kingdom – April 20, 2023

Both parties agreed on a group valuation of 250 Million EUR, without sharing further details of the transaction.

Berkeley Wealth, founded more than 15 years ago, is working with family offices, HNWI and international corporations on a global scale. The group is managing substantial business and financial assets, in an effort to do what is best for the family offices and their business. Berkeley Wealth has a presence in the UK, Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong, and British Virgin Islands.

IKAR Holdings, which is a London-based, multi-tiered entrepreneurial group, was founded with the aim of creating a modern vehicle of global entrepreneurial activities. The partners bring a strong global background, reflecting multi national members on the board of each group, upholding a strong belief that successful and open-minded entrepreneurs are the leaders of a better world.

IKAR Holdings, the “World’s First HUMICORN™ in business,” has seen an unprecedented growth over the past year and was recently mentioned by Mergermarket and other major media outlets as one of the fastest growing groups in Europe.

IKAR Holdings is the mother-ship structure that manages the whole IKAR group of companies and leads the coordination, development, and growth strategies of the various enterprises, investments, services, and innovations. The operational execution of the group is structured into three vertical holdings, which cover all activities from matured industries (through IKAR Industries), to impact-driven sectors (IKAR Global), to the startup world (Adelfi Ventures). The group already has a portfolio of 30+ companies.

The group hosts multiple sectors ranging from energy, sports, technology, cyber security, real estate, hospitality, textile, education, construction, aviation, defense, health, and others. Each of the operational companies have strong individual partners and best-in-class executive management.

IKAR Holdings, is focused geographically on Europe, Asia, Africa, GCC, and emerging countries.

The Chairman and Founder of Berkeley Wealth, Kerem Ekin, commented: “We are delighted to join IKAR Holdings as new equity partners. We are working since decades with successful family offices, international corporations and entrepreneurial groups. But we’ve seen for the first time such a unique approach of doing business. The vertical structure, the combination of various industries, the combination of matured business with future oriented business solutions and especially the focus on human capital as its main core assets has excited us and resulted in our decision to join IKAR Holdings as new equity partner”.

“I have started the entrepreneurial journey of IKAR at the peak of a global pandemic which resulted in major challenges but opportunities as well. Since then our group achieved significant success within the last two years. With the creation of -IKAR the world’s first HUMICORN™ in the business world-, we laid the ground for future unlimited growth potential. I am thrilled that Berkeley Wealth is joining us as new partners, as they bring with them significant know-how and experience and access to the global investor world. I also want to thank Mr. Etkin, that he has accepted my invitation to serve as the new Chairman of the Board of Director of our group, as it is underlining the importance of our new partnership”, stated Mario Diel, Founder and Group Chairman and CEO of IKAR Holdings, London.





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