IKAR and WCT are establishing a new company called SWISS PANASIA CAPITAL HOLDING in SINGAPORE

London, Oct 11 2023

Renowned British IKAR Holdings and Leading financial institution WCT are proud to announce the establishment of SWISS PANASIA CAPITAL HOLDING

SWISS PANASIA CAPITAL HOLDING is set to become a major power in the global investment landscape, with its strategic location in Singapore, a hub for international business. The company’s foundation on a strong partnership between IKAR Holdings and WCT ensures a solid base for achieving substantial success in the world of finance and investment.

The primary mission of SWISS PANASIA CAPITAL HOLDING is to provide essential financing for projects in key sectors, including energy, tourism, construction, aviation, health, education and sports. With the combined experience and global reach of IKAR Holdings and WCT, this new venture aims to facilitate projects that will contribute to economic growth and innovation across these sectors.

SWISS PANASIA CAPITAL HOLDING will be led by two distinguished businessman Indian Banker Sri Dasari and Swedish Executive Björn Söderberg

The establishment of SWISS PANASIA CAPITAL HOLDING reflects the forward-thinking approach of IKAR Holdings and WCT and marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of excellence. The company is well-positioned to be a key player in international investment, leveraging the expertise of its leaders and the combined strength of its parent organizations.

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