IKAR Holdings has appointed a Chief AI Officer (CAO) to its board of directors, making it the first British company to incorporate artificial intelligence in its board decisions.

London, Oct 14 2023

IKAR Holdings, a pioneering British company, has taken a significant step into the future of corporate governance by introducing an Artificial Intelligence system to its board of directors. This visionary move marks a historic milestone, as IKAR Holdings becomes the very first British firm to integrate artificial intelligence into its core board decisions.

This non-statutory board member is named IKONIC, a unique artificial intelligence system holding the title of Chief AI Officer (CAO).

IKONIC will signify a transformative approach to corporate decision-making.

We don’t see AI as a threat, but as an opportunity to augment ourselves tremendously. Therefore, we are pleased to appoint AI to our board of directors,” said IKAR Group President, Sertan Aycicek

IKAR Holdings is a multi-layered group company with more than 40 companies, based in London, operating in 14 different sectors, especially energy, aviation, construction and education.

IKAR Holdings is a distinguished ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world that spans across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our mission revolves around the commitment to empower growing business and emerging leaders globally.

IKAR HOLDINGS is majority owned by entrepreneurial partners and serves as the central mother-ship structure that oversees the entire ecosystem of IKAR companies – spearheading the alignment, advancement, and expansion strategies across a diverse range of enterprises, investments, services, innovations, and supportive initiatives.


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