IKAR Holdings is entering the healthcare sector

London, Oct 15 2023

British IKAR Holdings, a multi-tiered entrepreneurial group is entering the healthcare sector.

The group, which is is aiming with its entrepreneurial activities to create sustainable impact on the life of people decided recently to expand its activities into the healthcare sector.

In addition to investments in hospitals in emerging countries such as India and specific Asian nations, IKAR will also concentrate on healthcare, rehabilitation, and wellness centers across various markets.

The new entity, “IKONIC Healthcare and Wellbeing”, based in London, has appointed famous Turkish Doctor, Sevgi Ekiyor, as it’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor, who practiced at various hospitals in the past, is running today her own esthetic clinic in Istanbul.

I am deeply honored to assume such a vital role within IKAR Holdings. My life has been dedicated to assisting people with their medical concerns. IKAR’s mission to bring genuine impact to people’s lives, especially in regions where there is a substantial demand for professional healthcare and medical support, aligns perfectly with my personal interests,” stated Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor to IKAR. She is an experienced and highly regarded medical practitioner. Her knowledge and experience will be invaluable assets to our healthcare and wellbeing ventures. We perceive significant opportunities, particularly in India and various Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, where we will emphasize hospital investments. In contrast, in European countries starting from Malta and especially the GCC region, our entrepreneurial focus will center on healthcare, wellness, and beauty clinics,” explained Sertan Ayçiçek, Group President of IKAR Holdings


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