IKONIC Education Holding and Indian NIMS University signed strategic agreement

IKONIC Education Holding and Indian NIMS University signed strategic agreement

Mar 11 2024

During an official reception in London, Prof. Hassan Diab, Chairman of IKONIC Education Holding, London, and Prof. Dr. Balvir Tomar, Founder and Chancellor of NIMS University Rajasthan, Jaipur, signed a strategic agreement stipulating the scope of cooperation between both parties.

Both organizations recognize the mutual benefits that can be achieved by collaborating in the development and delivery of joint education programs on the master’s level as well as various certificate programs.

The parties agree to share roles and responsibilities associated with delivering high quality education for students around the world and agreeing to implement and managing Joint Master’s and Certificate Programs.

IKONIC Educational Holding will provide highly qualified instructors and professors who possess expertise in their respective field. They will develop and deliver engaging program content that aligns with the academic goals and objectives of the Joint Master’s and Certificate Program. In addition it will facilitate eligibility for qualified students to join IKONIC Angel Ventures, enabling access to capital investment and high-level mentorship.It will furthermore facilitate eligibility for students to engage with IKAR Human, granting access to potential job opportunities and job readiness programs.

NIMS University (formerly National Institute of Medical Sciences) is a state private medical and technical university in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It was founded in 2008 by Prof. Dr. Balvir Tomar and ranks under the top 100 Universities in India. The University has more than 20.000 Students, offers 450+ programs and includes more than 24 colleges.

IKONIC Education Holding, is a London based, entrepreneurial group, focusing on the global education industry.

The Holding was established in 2023 by IKAR Holdings, a London based, multi-tiered entrepreneurial group of companies.

Established with the vision to create a global education ecosystem, it unites highly successful business minds, world leaders, respected educators, and influential media figures, which give the ability to tap into local knowledge, expertise, and resources, while simultaneously adapting to different social, economic, and political environments around the world.

Based on decades of successful business ventures and global initiatives across a variety of sectors, and achievements in the academic industry, IKONIC Education Holding will empower the next generation of future leaders and promoting social change through education.

The group is operating through three vertical holdings, which will focus on higher education activities through investments in existing Universities and establishing its own online Universities. By having an additional focus on investments and the establishment of colleges, graduate schools and academies and lastly by providing a venture capital platform to former students, and their promising startups.

IKONIC Education Holding and Indian NIMS University signed strategic agreement

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