Orkun Ibak & Sertan Ayçiçek, two business Doyen at British IKAR HOLDINGS

Orkun IBAK & Sertan Ayçiçek, two business Doyen at British IKAR HOLDINGS

Mar 11 2024

“As far as we know, you have been friends for a long time?”

Yes, we have known each other for a very long time. What has started as business partners, developed over the years to close friends and brothers.

“How did you come together at IKAR Holdings?”

We both were fortunate to know the founder and Chairman of IKAR Holdings, Mr. Mario Diel. His entrepreneurial vision and mindset attracted us right from the beginning. After a few meetings we decided to join him as partners on this exciting journey.

“Could you provide us some information about IKAR Holdings for those who may not know?”

IKAR Holdings is a London-based, versatile group of companies, operating in multiple sectors including energy, aviation, construction, tourism, technology, e-mobility, education, and healthcare.

What makes us unique is the powerhouse of people we brought together. Entrepreneurs like ourselves, executives who worked for major global corporations, former Prime Ministers, Ministers, Ambassadors, Generals, Academicians, the best in class across all industries. Our team is representing more than 20 different nationalities!

“This sounds indeed amazing. How does it feel like to work alongside big names who have governed even countries?”

First of all we have our own corporate culture. Nobody is different just because one was ruling a country or the other one was the CEO of a huge corporation. We are all humans who have our strength and our weak sides. But by bringing the best out of everybody, we create complementary effects for the benefit of our group as well as our individual developments! That’s the reason why we created IKAR as the Worlds first HUMICORN in the business world! We are business partners, but consider us also as friends!

“In which countries do you operate beside the UK”?

We had right from the beginning a global approach. We are involved in various investments and partnerships spanning Europe, the MENA region, India and reaching up to Southeast Asia. And our projects touching all our sectors, from sports, to education, health, energy, technology and many more. We like this diversification as it requires all our skill sets for successful execution.

“What are your future projects”?

Our goals are big as we want to establish a conglomerate over the time. We are in the midst of launching our own online University, in the diligence process for investments in renewable energy projects, looking to acquire football clubs, building our own hospitals, creating a new hotel brand, launching our own e-mobility vehicles, and the story goes on and on.

“One final question: do you believe that being friends and “brothers” is of benefit for your company?”

The answer is a clear Yes! Because we know each others talents, knowledge and experience but most importantly we have full trust in each other! If you want to achieve major success, trust is of utmost importance! And this you can only gain with a real friend!

Thank you for the interview! 

About IKAR Holdings
IKAR Holdings is a multi-tiered group headquartered in London, encompassing more than 40 companies – spanning across diverse sectors and geographical regions. Its structure is reinforced by a network of external global partnerships and steered by a leadership team composed of accomplished business executives with established track records of success, united with the insights and expertise of senior figures from the political and public sectors.

Orkun IBAK & Sertan Ayçiçek, two business Doyen at British IKAR HOLDINGS

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